Jumeira Dubai Bahraini Style Abaya

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Bahraini Abaya, Bisht Abaya,
Jumeira Dubai Bahraini Style Abaya

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This soft jersey abaya looks impossibly chic and fits like a dream. The silhouette with its draped sleeves, empire draped waist, hides curves in the most nonchalant manner. London plaid accents with clear and red stone, on the waist and sleeve cuffs appliqué adds textural interest and charm to the sleek flowing maxi silhouette. Fluttery jersey draped tiers will cascade you from head to toe. The overall slimming fit and long length is universally flattering with a hint of drama, and the soft jersey fabric with a touch of stretch for endless comfort.

This Jersey abaya is cut in the Bahraini style, with a hidden inside belted waist. The belt can be tied to give an empire waist line to the abaya, or loosened to give the abaya a more Bisht styling.    The back of the Abaya has an elegant flow that conceals the figure of the body due to the wide cut sleeves, and no inside seams.   The beautiful draping and styling of this abaya makes it perfect for any occasions.  

 This Abaya with matching shayla is imported from Dubai

 Abaya Color: Black              Abaya Size:  One Size Fit Most

                                  Detail  Measurement 

                              Shayla 21” Wide  X   64”Long 




Sleeve Span





Size ~ One size fits most Size Small to Extra Large… please note the length of the Abaya is 56”

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This is a ready-made garment, and we do not provide any onsite alterations to the length or width of the garment.

Please Note: All care has been taken for on screen color resemblance of the garments, however 5% variation may be accepted as different monitor capabilities.

Sizing Tip:  When choosing the size for your Bahraini /Bisht / Mishlah  open style abaya, the only two measurements you need to keep in mind are the length and the sleeve span since the width will fit regardless, (If you are larger than XL for this abaya then you will also want to consider the width).  The sleeve span measurement is important since it affects the way the sleeves and shoulders fit. To measure your sleeve span, take an abaya or jilbab that you currently, that fits you well. Lay the garment on the floor or bed.  Now spread the sleeves of the garment straight out in a ‘T’ shape. The last thing you need to do is grab your measuring tape, and measure from the start of one sleeve, across the front of the garment to the start of the other sleeve, (you are measuring from the end tip of one sleeve to the end tip of the other sleeve). This is your sleeve span.   The sleeve span listed above should be equal to or close to the actual sleeve span of the abaya you just measured, for a comfortable fit, Insha’Allah.  

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