Lia Overhead Saudi Abaya

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Black Abaya, Overhead Abaya,
Lia Overhead Saudi Abaya

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You are currently viewing our Reflections of Iman, Lia Saudi Black Overhead Abaya  

This black Saudi Overhead abaya combines a beautiful combination of coverage, and style.   This overhead abaya does not have ties to affix it behind the head. Instead this abaya drapes over the head, and stays in place simply due to the weight of the abaya. This Overhead Abaya is made with sleeves in the traditional Saudi style, and the abaya rests on the head, causing the fabric to fall away from the body for superior coverage. This abaya is hand-picked by our stylist in Saudi Arabia and made is made from a gorgeous rich textured high quality Fursaan (Synthetic Saudi Silk).  You won’t believe how smooth this fabric is or how beautiful the fabric falls and flows. The final detail to this open front snap down closure abaya is the simple elastic ruffle sleeves. The beauty of simplicty.

This overhead style abaya, like the Isdaal is made to the width of the fabric, (although by design not as wide as the Bisht style abayas), so one size fits most, and the sizing for this abaya refers to your height.

This Overhead Abaya is imported from Saudi Arabia.  

Please Note:  The underscarf and Niqab shown are sold separately.



Color: Black                                               Size: See Lisiting Below

                         Detail Measurements                                            






Height Range for this   Overhead Abaya    






5’7”  to   5’8”






5’9”  to   5’10”


Please Note:  Due to the cut of this Overhead Abaya, it can be easily worn on the shoulders for Plus Sizes Muslimahs size 2X - 4X, however depending on how tall you are, it may need to be hemmed a little to wear as a shoulder abaya.

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This is a ready-made garment, and we do not provide any onsite alterations to the length or width of the garment.

Please Note: All care has been taken for on screen color resemblance of the garments, however 5% variation may be accepted as different monitor capabilities.

Sizing Tip:  When choosing the size for your overhead abaya, the main measurement you need to keep in mind is the length of the garment. The Bust and hip measurements will fit most Muslimahs, (if you are larger than a size 3X/4X you may want to also consider the width). The sleeve length is also sized in portion to the length of the abayas, so unless you have long arms, this also shouldn’t be an issue. So this leaves us with the length measurement.

To measure the length, start at the top-center of your head (where you will be letting your overhead abaya rest), then measure down the back of your head, and straight down the middle of your back to the floor.   Another way to ensure that this specific garment will fit you is to compare the measurements listed above, to an actual garment you already own that fits you well. You can also click on our size chart below for other helpful measurement tips.   

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