White Georgette Scarf Style Hijab

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White Georgette Scarf Style Hijab

You are currently viewing our Reflections of Iman White GeorgetteScarf Style Hijab       

This White-colored scarf style hijab is made of high quality georgette fabric. This soft georgette scarf is made in a way that preserves the natural luster of the fine georgette fiber, flows beautifully, and looks very elegant when worn.  This design free solid colored hijab is perfect for the Muslimah who just wants to add a little color to her wardrobe. 

Georgette, which is 100% polyester, is a fabric that can be worn year round, and is easy to care for.  Just wash your hijab in cold water, no dryer, and if ironing use low heat.

Detail Measurements: 42” X  42”

 Please Note: The hijab pin shown the photos is sold separately

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