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Saudi Abaya

Marina Black Saudi Umbrella Abaya

You consider yourself something of a fashionista - you have impeccable taste, and value modesty, and elegance, and you also like to keep things interesting! Well, then, allow us to...

Shemagh Scarf - Black

Casual with a little edge?   Easy.  This black keffiyeh cotton scarf is just wants needed to take your everyday style up a few eye-catching notches.  This black shemagh is made from...

Satin Trim Black Knee Length Khimar

Modest charm meets feminine elegance in this single layered knee length khimar.  This satin trim khimar is designed to fall between the knee and calf length depending on your height, it...

New Arrivals

Turkish Abaya

The Conversation Printed Maxi Dress

Whatever you have to say.... Say it with Modesty.  It's easy to get swept up in the conversation in this long black Myzen geo print A-line Maxi Dress, and the best part is that it can...

White Daffah Thobe

There is something about a Classic thobe, that feels right, and this men's  relaxed fit white Daffah thobe is no exception.  In keeping with tradition, you'll love...
Saudi Abaya

Monday Morning Black Umbrella Abaya

That all so elusive point where comfort meets style, can be found in this Saudi black abaya.  The pleated neckline, with a diagonal zipper, and accent black beading along the sleeves...

Reflections Widow's Peak Niqab

Love the subtle beauty of Reflections single layer Widow's Peak Niqab.  Made of soft Korean Chiffon that is both comfortable and breathable. This tie-back niqab is designed with a headband...
Turkish Abaya

The Oasis Maxi Dress

Perfect for weekend...  The unique mix of prints gives this Oasis maxi dress by Appleline that perfect casual vibe.   It’s easy to relax in a maxi that lends a colorful motif to...
Kuwaiti Abaya

Ameera Kuwaiti Black Abaya

A beautiful sophisticated A-line silhouette is synonymous with the elegant style of this Black Abaya.   We love the clean lines that descend from soft luxurious nidha fabric of...

Black & White Saudi Izar

NOT.... too tight, too bulky, too thick, or too thin: How can you not love the casual comfort of a cotton Men's Izar?   To wear this style izar, simply warp the fabric around your waist,...

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