Continuing the Story

Reflections of Iman Continuing the Story

Continuing the Story… Our History

To some, we’ve been part of your Islamic shopping experience for the past decade, and to others, we’ve only just met. To all, new and old, thank you, and it is our pleasure to share a little more about who we are.

It was a quick trip in 2009 from Egypt to calling Northern California our home. We made a brief stop as an eBay store, before opening Reflections of Iman in 2010 as a standalone website. We closed for a moment to relocate from the West Coast to the East Coast, relaunching in 2020. With our relaunch, we hope to solidify our standing as one of your essential Islamic clothing shops, with a collection of Islamic clothing for you and your family.

Our intentions are to have an online store that reflects the different styles of Islamic dress, and by choosing the name, Reflections of Iman, we hope to be reminded of the blessings and bounty of Allah (Azza wa Jal).

Reflection of Iman is reflective of our own journey when it came to covering. A lot of you may be able to relate to these points:… the new Shahada learning to transition into an abaya; the Muslimah who works outside of the home, and the Muslimah that embraces the beauty of the Niqab. There are no judgments we are all here to help each other along the way, we never know where the other is at, as we all strive to become better Muslims. May Allah (swt), grant us all to be better than we were yesterday, and to bring us nearer and dearer to HIM… Ameen!

We all start out at one place with hopes of ending someplace better.  Covering is a part of who we are, with this said, our Intentions is to have something to offer everyone no matter where they may be on their journey, and every step of the way as we go... Insha'Allah.

We would like to think in some small way we are bridging the gap between traditional and Modern Islamic clothing, as well as blurring the color and cultural lines. In our efforts to do so, we hope that everyone will find something that fits within their style of dress. Our motto is, Your Look, Your Style… Your Reflection!

We've searched the globe, so you don’t have to. We import Islamic clothing from around the world with buyers in Saudi Arabia, Yemen, UAE, Kuwait, Turkey, and India. Our Reflections of Iman clothing Brand is currently manufactured in Dubai.

In addition to offering a wide selection of Islamic clothing for women, we also wanted to provide Islamic clothing for men and children as well. We would like to be a one-stop shop for everyone in your family when it comes to your Islamic clothing needs. 

 Our Collections

Forever Modest     Elegance of Black     The DKS Collection   The Sunnah Collection