The Saudi Umbrella Style Abaya

3rd Nov 2018

The Saudi Umbrella Style Abaya

Alhamdulillah... With this Saudi style abaya, we are keeping it simple, or at least as simple as elegance can be. While this garment should be a go-to basic in every Muslimah's closet, it is far from plain and ordinary. Aside from being made from Fursan; the popular Saudi Black fabric, known for its durability, and beautiful, superb quality, this fabric, gives off just a hint of shine that makes every woman smile... This Saudi black abaya features many of the hottest, most popular trends on the streets, and in the closets of the women of Saudi Arabia.

This umbrella style cut is one of the latest designs for abayas. So what exactly is this umbrella style abaya that seems to be on the tips of everyone’s tongue? Well, this style of abaya gathers with small pleating around the neckline and opens with a top side diagonal cut zipper. This style of abaya flows into a wide full bottom sweep, which lends to its name Umbrella Style, “starting narrow and opening wide.”

Simply put, this style abaya combines the best of both worlds when it comes to abayas... that is. You get the sleek fit of the standard shoulder abaya while having the roominess of let’s say, an overhead or Bisht style abaya. The umbrella style swing skirt also is known as, “The Klosh” provides for a casual princess like draping and perfect coverage, for small and plus size sisters alike. The diagonal side zipper adds a new fun spin to a tried and true original as well as providing optimal coverage and accessibility for nursing mothers. For this particular abaya, the dolman sleeve and scrunch wrist followed by a hint of ruffle makes this garment just too cute.

What a beautiful combination; the umbrella cut style of the abaya, the soft flow of Fursaan (Synthetic Saudi Silk), added with cute ruffle edged sleeves, and you have the mix for the simplicity of elegance.