Color Me Beautiful

3rd Mar 2019

Color Me Beautiful

In Covered Pearls - The Ruling on wearing Colorful Jilbab

Shaikh Al-Albaanee stated:

The Sixth Condition: That it [the Jilbaab] should not be an adornment in and of itself.

And know that it is not adornment in any sense if the clothing with which a woman covers herself is coloured with a colour other than white or black, contrary to what some of the firmly practicing women wrongly suppose. This is based upon the following:


His sallallaahu‘alaihiwasallam’s statement:

“The perfume of women is that whose colour is apparent and whose scent is hidden…” and this is taken from “Mukhtasar Ash-Shamaa’il” (188).


The course of action of the female Companions upon that, and I cite here some of the established narrations in this regard from that which Al-Haafiz Ibn Abee Shaybah narrates in “Al-Musannaf” (8/371-372):

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The Jilbaab of the Muslim woman – must it specifically be black or can it be of other colors?


The clothing of the Muslim woman is not restricted to being black, and it is permissible for her to wear any color of clothing so long as it covers her ‘awrah (that part of the body which should be covered according to the sharee‘ah), does not cause resemblance of men, is not close-fitting such that it delineates the shape of her body, is not thin and transparent such that is reveals what is underneath it, and does not provoke fitnah (temptation).

Al-Lajnat-ud-Daa’imah (Permanent Committee of Scholars)

‘Abdul-‘Azeez ibn ‘Abdullaah ibn Baaz ‘Abdurrazzaaq ‘Afeefee ‘Abdullaah ibn Ghudayaan ‘Abdullaah ibn Qu‘ood

[1/5089 p181 vol 18 - ‘The Hijaab and clothing of women’ from Fataawaa Al-Lajnat-id-Daa’imati lil-Buhooth-il-‘Ilmiyyati wal-Iftaa]