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We here at Reflections of Iman, want to help ensure that all of our customers purchase the right size, Insha'Allah. So please read carefully the sizing chart and the way to take your measures, taking in consideration that Islamic clothes are cut for a loose fit. A great fit means better looking and more comfortable Abaya.  To ensure your best possible fit, we have 'standardized' sizing using US sizes, so you can shop with confidence, Insha’Allah. Please take a minute and follow our easy measurement guide and find your best fitting size.

 Tips of measuring    

It’s always better to have someone help you take your measurements if you can.

Take measurements over your clothing so it won't be to tight when you are fully clothed and if you are in-between measurements, then you may want to order the next larger size, Insha’Allaah.

Always measure using the beginning / start of the measuring tape, and take  your true body measurements, (meaning don't pull on the tape).

Bust  ~ Measure under arms around fullest part of your bust. Be sure to keep tape level across back and comfortably loose.

Hip ~ Measure around fullest part of body’s hip area. Keep feet together and tape parallel to floor.

For plus size Muslimahs, you may want to take into consideration the waist/stomach measurements if this area is larger then your hip area, then use this measurement, (by using the larger of the two measurments will help to ensure your garment won't hug your tummy area, Insha'Allah).

Length ~ Measure from highest part of shoulder,(nearest to your neck,) and straight down your back of your heel, or until the length you would like your garment to reach. 

 For Overhead Abayas: Measure from the center-top of your head (where you will be letting your overhead abaya rest), down the back of your head, and straight down the middle of your back to the floor. 

Sleeve Length ~ Measure from shoulder edge, and straight down your arm to after wrist joint by 1 inch, or up until the length you would like your sleeves to reach.

Another Measurement Option:   You can measure another Abaya, Jilbab or Caftan that you already own that fits you well.  Do this by laying the garment flat on the bed or floor with the front facing downward, and measure the bust, hips, sleeve length, and garment length. Be sure to multiply the bust and hip measurements by 2 when comparing them to the measurements of the garment you are interested in.  Each of or garment listings have the pacific size measurement for that item. .

Check the size chart below to see if one of  the bust, and hips measurements listed, matches your actual measurement.

How to use the size chart:
Shown in the size chart below are the exact dimensions for the USA Women’s Dress, bust and hip measurements (found in the 1st set of columns).  The 2nd set of columns contains the corresponding average Abaya size.  Once you have your measurement, use the below size chart to find your garment size.

At the very least your actual body measurements should be a minimum of 4 - 6 inches smaller than the garment measurements in the bust and hip area. 

For a basic comfortable Islamic fit Insha'allah, we suggest that it is best to choose a size with a bust size that is6 inches bigger than your actual bust measurement, and/or a hip size that is 8 inches bigger than your actual hip measurement,

For example, your measurements are as follows:

Your Actual Body Measurements are: Your bust is: 34 inches, and your hip’s are 36 inches. 

Our Recommendation would be to add inches to you measurements as follows:  Your Bust: 34 + 6 = 40 inches, and Your hip’s : 36 + 8 = 44 inches.

Using the example of a 40” bust, and a 44” hip, according to the below size chart this corresponds to a size Small (S). If you are in between two sizes, you may want to consider going with the larger of the two sizes.

Always remember it is better to have your item too big rather than too small, so it is always best to add a minimum of 4 additional inches or more to your actual body measurement /size to ensure no tightness.

For the Best Fit:  It is important to note that , all of the measurements that we provide on our product page, are those of the actual garments, not your body size. You will therefore want to take this into account when calculating your size, leaving yourself some extra room. We recommend you measure a garment that fits you well and use those measurements as a reference.

 Please note that the US sizes are only used as a reference, they might not be accurate for everyone. You can always feel free to send us an e-mail at customerservice@reflectionsofIman (or see our contact us page) if  you need additional measurement information for a specific Abaya or for any of our garments.



Size Guide

Please find the size guide below to help you choose an appropriate size. All measurements are body measurements in inches. Our garments are meant to be loose fitting so if you find your measurements in between sizes, it is better to measure up. Custom sizes are available upon special request.  Please see our guide to custom measurements here.


size guide for zareen collection abayas and modest clothing


Tips to help you choose your best size
Use a tape measure to loosely measure

  • chest: with your bra on, loosely measure around the fullest part of your bust without letting the tape droop
  • waist: without pulling too tightly, measure around the narrowest part of your waist, usually near the belly button
  • hips: with your feet shoulder length apart, measure around the fullest part of your hips

If you're unsure about which size to select, please contact us with your body measurements to help us guide you towards an appropriate size.


Find a suggested length for your abaya based on your height below.  However, it is recommended to use a tape measure to find the length from the top of your shoulder to the top of your shoe, taking into consideration if you prefer a shorter abaya or a longer one (such as if you wear heels).

length guide for zareen collection abayas