Size Chart Boys

How to Measure  &    Sizing Tips

We want you to shop with confidence, so we've made every effort to ensure that finding the correct thobe size for your child is easy.  Please, take in consideration that Islamic clothes are cut for a loose fit, after all, what child doesn't like a little wiggle room.  Also, to ensure the best possible fit, we have standardized' our sizing to conform with the average height, and age of a child. 

 Sizing Made Easy... Remember, choosing the right size is key for a comfortable fit.  By using the age and height chart below, you can easily find the right size for your child.  All measurements are in Inches, and  the chest, hip and length measurements shown below are the average garment measurements not body measurements.
Child's Height  Age Size   Chest Hip  Length 
32" 12 Months 12M  22"   22"  20"/22"
34" 18 Months 18M  24"  24"  24"
36" 2 2T 26"   28"  26"
38" 3 3T 28"  30" 28"
40" 4 4T  30"   32"   30"  
44" 5 Ex Small  32"   34"  32"/34” 
48" 6 Small  34"   36"  36"/38"
50" 8 Medium   36"  38" 40”/42”
54" 10 Large  38"   40"   44”/46” 
58" 12 Ex Large  40"   42"  48" 

  How to Measure:

Chest: Place the tape under the arms and measure around the his chest. 

Hip: Measure around his hip area, keeping the tape slightly loose.

Height: For best results, have him stand barefoot next to a door frame, and then measure from the top of his head to the bottom of heal, you may want to have a family member help you with getting an accurate height measurement.


Measurement Tips to Achieve a Great Fit:

1. To determine your child’s thobe length, measure from the top back shoulder down to just above the ankle portion of his foot.

 2. Measure around your child's chest and hip, and then add a few inches for a loose fit.  Taking your child’s measurements over their clothing is another way to ensure a loose fit.  If he is in-between sizes, then you may want to order the next larger size, Insha’Allaah.

For the Best Fit:  It is important to note that, all of the measurements that we provide on our product pages, are those of that actual garment.   If your child has a garment that fits him well, you could use those measurements as a reference.

Different countries, styles and brands may vary slightly on their sizing, so we have converted all sizing to conform with our size chart.

Please note:  The USA average age and height chart sizes are only used as a reference, they might not be accurate for every child. You can always feel free to send us an e-mail at customerservice@reflectionsofIman (or see our contact us page) if you need any additional assistance in determining the right size when it comes to purchasing a garment for your child.