Size Chart Men

Men’s Thobe Size Chart 

Measurement Tips Too Achieve A Great Fit

Reflections of Iman, wants you to shop with confidence.  We ask that you please read carefully our size chart, and our tips for taking your measurements. Remember to take in consideration that Islamic clothes are cut for a loose fit.  A great fit means a better looking and more comfortable Thobe.  To ensure your best possible fit, we have 'standardized' our sizing mirroring the Men’s  USA shirt sizes. Please take a minute and follow our easy measurement guide, in order to find your best fitting size, Insha’Allah.

Measurement tips:

•  Have someone help you take the measurements if you can.

•  Take measurements over your clothing so it won't be too tight when you are fully clothed and if you are in-between measurements, then you may want to order the next larger size, Insha’Allaah.

•  Take true body measurements; do not pull on the tape, and always measure using the beginning of the measuring tape.


Self-Measurement Guide for Men

Head: Measure the circumference of your head across the forehead and just below the curve of the skull in the back.

Neck: Measure around the base of the neck where the collar normally sits, inserting a finger between your neck and the tape to allow ease in fit.

Chest: Place the tape under the arms and measure around the fullest part of your chest.

Hip/Mid-section: Measure around your natural hip area, keeping the tape slightly loose. If your waist area is larger than your hip area, then you will want to measure the larger of the two, this will insure that your thobes doesn’t hug your body in this area, Insha’Allah. 

Sleeve: Measure from the end of your shoulder and down your arm to your wrist

Height: For best results, stand barefoot next to a doorframe, and then measure from head to toe, even better, get a friend or family member to help you with your height measurement.

For the Best Fit:  It is important to note that, all of the measurements that we provide on our product page, are those of the actual garments, not your body size. You will therefore want to take this into account when calculating your size, leaving yourself some extra room. We recommend you measure a garment that fits you well and use those measurements as a reference.

 Please note that the US shirt size, are only used as a reference, they might not be accurate for everyone. You can always feel free to send us an e-mail at customerservice@reflectionsofIman, or via our contact us  page, for additional information and help in determing the right size when it come to purching your garment. 

 ~ Please use this Unit Converter to convert inches to metric ~ 

Please measure yourself carefully prior to placing an order. The table below provides a general guideline for body and garment measurements.  Individual garments may vary due to differences in cut and style. The garment measurements listed below are only approximations and actual measurements may differ slightly based on designs.  For more accurate garment measurements, see the actual item listing for exact garment detail measurements. 

Helpful Tip:  Most men prefer to order a size up for a looser fit, also take in consideration if your thobe is going to be worn over a shirt or sweater.

Please Note: The Below Measurements are in Inches.

American Shirt Size

Reflections of Iman Average Men’s Thobe Size & Length

Men’s Shirt

Shirt Chest Size



Thobe Size

Average  Chest Size

Average Hip       Size

Average   Sleeve Length

Average Garment Length


35”- 37”


40” – 42”

42”- 44”

20” – 22”

52” – 54”


38”- 40”


40” – 42”

42”- 44”

22”- 24”

56” – 58”


42”- 44”


44” – 46”

46” – 48”

23”- 25”

56” – 60”


46”- 48”

X Large

48” – 50”

50” – 54”

23”- 25”

56” – 60”


50”- 52”

XX Large

52” - 54”

56” – 58”

24” - 26”

58” – 62”


54”- 56”

XXX Large

56” – 58”

58” – 60”

24” - 26”

58” – 62”


58”- 60”

XXXX Large

60” – 62”

62” – 64”

24” -26”

58” – 62”


Men's Garment Lengths

Listed below are the average lengths of men’s thobes/Galabiyyas /Jelbab / Dishdasha. You can tell how long your garment will appear on you by measuring or trying on a similar length garment you have at home, or by getting a measuring tape, and measure from the center back of the neck to just above your ankles, or where ever you feel comfortable with you garment ending at.










60 - 62