Pop-up Shop

 Abayas at Reflections of Iman Popup Shop

Throughout the year, Reflections of Iman will have pop-up shops, at various Islamic events within the United States. These pop-up events are designed to give our customers the chance to connect with us face-to-face and to see firsthand the designs that make up our collections.  You can also discuss with our style team, what’s your best fit when it comes to design, and fabric selections.  Depending on the event you will be able to view items from our Elegance of Black, Collection, as well as our other three collections…..  


We bring you the classic understated, yet sophisticated Sunnah Collection for men. 

No matter where life takes you we've got you covered with our Forever Modest Collection.  

Everything you love about Black.  Our DKS Collection, offers some of the latest abaya styles

from Dubai, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia.


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 Forever Modest     Elegance of Black     The DKS Collection     The Sunnah Collection