Sabr Patience and Tolerance

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Imaam An-nawawi / Muhammad Al-Uthaymeen


The Prophet said, "No one is given a richer or better gift than patience." If a person is patient he or she can endure anything. If hardship befalls them, they are patient. If Shaytan incites them to do something prohibited or to abandon Allah's commands, they are patient.

In times of need Allah commands us to seek help through patience. Whenever someone remains patient and waits for relief from Allah, their affair becomes easy. So if you are ever tested with some type of adversity that requires patience, be patient. "Know that help comes with patience, relief follows grief and ease replaces hardship.

Whenever a believer is blessed with patience, they have received the greatest gift. If a patient person is injured by the actions or offensive words of others, you’ll find them calm and undisturbed in the face of their insults . They don’t become angry and they remain patient with the test Allah has allowed.  

Taken from “Sabr Patience & Tolerance” Pages 51-52

Whenever Allah Intends Good For Someone He Test Them

Abu Huraria narrated Allah’s Messenger said, “If Allah intends good for someone , He test them with trials”


This hadith points to the reward for demonstrating patience. “If Allah intends good for someone”, He test them with a calamity in order to reveal whether or not this person will respond with patience or discontentment. The words, “He tests them with trials” are general in meaning, but they are further explained by other aahadith more specific in their meanings.

Simply stated, for whomever Allah intends good for, He test the believing man or woman with adversity. If they are patient, in anticipation of a reward from Allah, the end result of their struggle is good.

In spite of being tested with many trials, there are many people who are not patient. As expected, their adversity reaps no benefit for them. Allah often test the disbelievers with calamities as well. However, during these trials, they continue along the path of disbelief and in the end they die in a state of disbelief. Clearly, Allah did not intend any good for them.

As Allah has decreed, struggle and hardship are atonement for sin and an elimination of bad deeds. To have one’s sins removed or bad deeds erased is without a doubt, a good thing for the believer. This is Allah’s intent in testing His servants with adversity. Most of the trials that you undergo deal with worldly matters that may last for days. However, as the days go by, your hardship eases. Not so in the Hereafter. The pain and suffering are permanent. We seek refuge in Allah from the Hell-fire. Whenever Allah removes your sins through these trials, then that is good for you.

Sabr Patience & Tolerance, From An-Nawawi’s Riyadus-Saliheen with Explanation by Muhammad Ibn Saalih Al-Uthaymeen